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  • How to place system on bypass to water or emergecy?
    Locate the knobs directly on top of your water softener Turn the Knobs in the opposite direction
  • There is residue in my brine tank, what does that mean?
    If you are seeing any type of color residue in your brine tank that typically ensures that your system is going through the regeneration process. Cleaning everything from the city water that is toxic and harmful to your health. The water should begin to drain on its own.
  • How to reset the PHYN system?
    Option 1 Open up the PHYN app on your mobile device>Locate your synced system>Push Reset Option 2 Locate the blue button on top of your PHYN system Press and hold button for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the system to reset
  • How to manage salt in brine tank?
    Typically once every three weeks but may vary depending on your tank usage. There are two lines on the side of the brine tank, Max and Min. Between the two lines should be the appropriate measure of salt added. Ask us about our quarterly maintenance program
  • My water smells and tastes salty, is that normal?
    There may be residual water left in the brine tank after the regeneration process has occurred. Start by running all faucets and showers from 5 to 10 minutes to allow the lines to be flushed out. If issue persists give us a call and one of our experts will assist you.
  • There is a pink ring inside my toilet, why?
    While your softener continues to remove unwanted toxins and chemicals from your water, chlorine from city water is also being removed. Bacteria may build faster in areas. Be sure to clean and disinfect often.
  • How much extra sodium is in the water?
    Typically there will still be some sodium in the water, but no more than what a slice of white bread contains.
  • How often does the filter need to be changed in the Super V?
    Super V recommends a filter change around every two years. Typical cost for a filter change $400 (Price may change)
  • How often does the filter need to be changed in the under sink unit?
    Every 6 to 12 months Typical cost $149.00 (Price may change)


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