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5 Tips to Become the Best Salesperson

If you walk into a home and are not capable of selling your customer a system from your company, THEY are the ones who lose not you. You are walking away leaving them to filter through all the other companies out there that are not as honest, caring and customer service driven as you all are. Your impact is only as strong as the time you put into perfecting your craft. It is a responsibility that needs to weigh heavy in your heart or else you're in the wrong business and in due time you'll be chewed up and spit out.

1. Get your financial literacy right!

Do you really know how money works? You are giving people financial recommendations and talking about their budgets and personal finance. Get yours right as well so that your recommendation actually holds weight! Learn about interest rates, save money and get YOUR finances right!!!! Be an expert when it comes to money.

2. Follow-Up - ReKnocking/ColdCalling/CallingBuilderLeads

  • Sometimes you will have to knock a house over and over. Could take 5-8 knocks sometimes to get in. Or 5-8 calls AND text messages.

  • Even after a house/prospect says "No" keep going back

  • Don's stop knocking/calling/texting & be persistent

3. Mix up your strategy

  1. Knocking - Personal "Calls"/ DirectSales

  2. Social Media - Promote on LinkedIn, share companies posts etc

  3. Google Ads/ Digital Marketing

  4. Referrals - Endorsements

  5. Follow up with old customers to see if they are happy and still satisfied, then ask for leads

***Expand your outreach every single day***

4. Write up the deal

  • You HAVE to ask them to buy

  • Don't get kicked out

  • Do a damn good demo, build emotion, and pitch

  • Get your team leader in the house

  • Give yourself a shot to close it

  • Show the DMP(Direct Marketing Program) and promotions

  • Be resilient

  • Always Be Closing - ABCs

  • Don't take no for an answer, learn how to handle objections

5. Training - Be committed and Willing

  • If you're not going to be committed and willing to train every single day and its too much for you, put a sign around your neck that reads "I QUIT....I'M DONE"

  • Winners train harder than anybody else in the room, they are the hardest working people out there. Talent helps but hard work will carry you. Even the talented run out of motivation. Thats where the phrase comes from "Hard work beats talent"

  • Best athletes in the world known for their unprecedented work ethics (TRAINING)

  1. Michael Jordan

  2. Peyton Manning

  3. Usain Bolt

  4. Kobe Bryant

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. Lebron James

  7. Michael Phelps

  8. Serena Williams

  9. Conor McGregor

  10. Floyd Mayweather

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