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Chlorine Test

  1. Watch this video

  2. Read the script again and memorize it word for word

  3. Take into consideration what could go wrong

  4. AND then practice doing it yourself

How Safe Is Your Water?

“This is an eye opening demonstration of the chemicals in your water. We will use two small samples of your raw tap water coming out of your faucet. This OTO Chemical tests for chlorine and is very sensitive for it. (Stick your thumb in one of the viles while you drop 10 drops into the other vile). 10 drops, notice the color...turning yellow to dark blue represents high levels of chlorine...evidence that there is chlorine in the raw water. (Take your thumb out of the other vile and neatly place your hand on the table...add another 10 drops to the thumb vile). No chlorine in this water...where did that chemical go? While I was testing this glass for 10 seconds, all of the chemicals were absorbed in my skin. The evidence is CRYSTAL CLEAR. There are over 80 thousand unstudied and unregulated chemicals in our water. This was a very clear and simple example of what happens when you simply take a shower and/or wash your hands. Those chemicals absorb quickly and readily into our hands and our whole body. That can’t be good!!! We are here for you though and even trusted by BritaPro, the world’s most trusted name in water filtration.”

Now lets say there is an absence of chlorine in the water and the water doesn’t change color and or react to the OTO chemical... What do you do? What would you say?

Show the highlighted portion on the report card that reads a chlorine residue of 0.5 to 1.5 mg/l is maintained to disinfect the water.

Let them think...

Now suggest that the city isn’t doing there part in disinfecting our water, cause had they done there part shouldn’t there be at least some chlorine in the water?

Questions you could ask

  1. So is the city really doing their part in cleaning our water to the fullest or are they cutting corners

  2. Does this concern you?

  3. So is drinking bottled water enough or should we be treating ALL the water entering our home, including the water we shower and bathe our kids in?

  4. Kind of scary isn’t it?

  5. Sounds like its time to take this matter in your own hands isn’t it?

  6. And if it didn’t cost you anything to do so wouldn’t it be a “no-brainer”?

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