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Demo “Script”

Wow, you all are going to love this! This is what we call our “Direct Marketing Program”. Three stipulations that don’t cost you a thing. The first thing we ask is for an honest testimonial on our facebook page, twitter account, Instagram page, website or even the BBB. Second, we just ask that you give us 24-48 hours to get the system installed. Most people want this water out of their home immediately, and I don’t blame you, just give us a day or so because I think we already have two installs going in tomorrow, but I’ll do my best to get it installed tomorrow and at your earliest convenience. And last but not least, a simple YES or NO today. Let’s be honest Bob and Mary, if after everything you’ve seen here today you don’t want to save all that money and get this problem water out of your home with all the information in front of you it will continue to get swept under the rug and this problem will continue to go on forever. So if you can do these three things for me here today I can help you all out with the price of the system and some awesome promotions that you're going to absolutely love. Sound good? (Get confirmation and then proceed).

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