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Demo “Script”

“I represent a locally owned and operated company called El Paso Water Softeners. Our office is located off Montana and Magruder right next to Carlos & Mickeys. At El Paso Water Softeners, we focus on serving and educating our community and neighbors on the importance of water quality. As we are also Veteran owned and operated, we enforce the highest level of integrity with our employees for the benefit of homeowners like yourself. El Paso Water Softeners is the authorized distributor for Jason’s Water Systems MFG and BritaPro. These are by far the two absolute best systems on the market. Jason's Water Systems have an unparalleled high flow rate capacity and BritaPro represents Clorox which is the most trusted name in water filtration.

JWS MFG is family owned and has been in operations throughout the entire state of Texas since 1979. Going back to 2014, they have been leading the water filtration industry with a dual certified whole home system. That success in part was due to the superior design of their systems intended for the harsh waters of Texas. JWS was the first company to address plumbing code violations with water filtration and residential homes. Their unique design not only met but was the first to set the standards of plumbing codes which are intended to maintain flow rate, stop hard water, and protect you as a homeowner. Here are some of the certifications (Explain slides) BritaPro has finally developed a superb whole house filtration system taking over the industry. BritaPro’s main focus was to create and develop a system that is the highest, most efficient system when considering performance. They did this through continuous innovation and the latest, leading edge technology. (Explain slides) As you can see, nothing but performance and efficiency! BritaPro also focuses on customer service for the sake of protecting why they are the most trusted name in water filtration. Our local company took notice by Brita on a national scale because of this same reason... customer service. They researched every dealer in this region and chose us because of how we take care of our customers and our reputation; something we take extreme pride in. Your system, which will be a mega version of this miniature, will be installed in the garage where we tap into the main waterline. Therefore, before any water enters your home, it will run through your system filtering the water throughout the entire home. The only thing you have to do is add salt to the brine tank. These bags of salt range from $4-$6. You can find them at Home Depot, Lowes, or even Wal-Mart. One bag lasts approximately 1-2 months depending on water usage. The system is also a smart system an will regenerate as needed because it can only hold on to so much of this stuff (Hold up dirty precip). Let’s say you go out of town for a few weeks, the system will read no water is being used and won’t regenerate wasting water nor energy. Now let’s say you have 10 people come over, the system will read a spike in water usage and adjust as needed. The systems we provide have a lifetime warranty, provided you take care of it through our annual maintenance plan. We are very transparent about the warranties on our water softeners which most companies don’t like nor will they talk about. This is in part how and why our customer service is so strong. The factor hidden in warranties is the damaging effects of chlorine, which will damage pretty much anything and everything it touches. For that reason, we discuss the lifespan of the carbon media against chlorine which ranges from 4-6 years, again, depending on household usage and what system you decide to go with...which we also track in our annual maintenance plans which we will be discussing in further detail here in a minute. This is an eye opening demonstration of the chemicals in your water. We will use two small samples of your raw tap water coming out of your faucet. This OTO Chemical tests for chlorine and is very sensitive for it. (Stick your thumb in one of the viles while you drop 10 drops into the other vile). 10 drops, notice the color...turning yellow to dark blue represents high levels of chlorine...evidence that there is chlorine in the raw water. (Take your thumb out of the other vile and neatly place your hand on the table...add another 10 drops to the thumb vile). No chlorine in this water...where did that chemical go? While I was testing this glass for 10 seconds, all of

the chemicals were absorbed in my skin. The evidence is CRYSTAL CLEAR. There are over 80 thousand unstudied and unregulated chemicals in our water. This was a very clear and simple example of what happens when you simply take a shower and/or wash your hands. Those chemicals absorb quickly and readily into our hands and our whole body. That can’t be good!!! We are here for you though and even trusted by BritaPro, the world’s most trusted name in water filtration. Your water has two separate main issues, hardness and chlorine & contaminants. This is why the water needs to be treated with carbon AND resin. NSF 44 is when it’s tested and passes a standard to remove the “hardness” in the water through a process using an ion exchange. NSF 42 is when it’s tested and passes a standard to remove the Chlorine & Contaminants in the water through a form of carbon filtration. In warmer climates, you even need a coconut shell carbon with “KDF” to filter a lingering bacteria. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a high-purity copper-zinc filter that uses a chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies. The process also has a mild anti-bacterial, and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale which helps keep the water from smelling like rotten egg or sulfur. Still safe without the KDF but the KDF manages this bacteria build up. Note that only the BritaPro unit has this KDF in the carbon. When choosing El Paso Water Softeners for your clean water needs, you will now have two beautiful grades of water. First, the utility grade water, which is the “soft” water that’s safe for your appliances and free from the harmful effects of chlorine keeping it from ruining your appliances and being absorbed by your skin. The second will be your drinking grade water that comes from a Brita Reverse Osmosis, producing the best possible bottle grade drinking water minus the plastic. Any questions? Now for the annual service plans that we offer. We have an annual plan that goes for $135/year or $12/month, whichever is easier for you. This comes with a complete resin cleanse, brine tank sanitation, valve check, and complete recalibration. We also offer a quarterly service for $49.99 every 3 months which includes the complete annual checkup, as well as 3 bags of salt per visit. This visit, regardless of annual or quarterly,

includes the complete annual checkup. Our lifetime warranty is guaranteed contingent that you are on one of our plans. Both plans include trip charges throughout the entire year at no additional cost. We highly recommend you leave this to us so that you buy once, buy right, and never have to buy again.”

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