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Direct Marketing Program “DMP”

3 types of customers

You have just finished showing and explaining the price ending with how it’s “100% Affordable”

Okay so now at this point I have 3 types of customers
  1. Customer #1 says, “Riley, I absolutely love the system, I love how its going to save me money, I need it and I want it, can we do the paperwork and set a time for install”

  2. Customer #2 is ALOT like customer #1 they know they need it, they want it cause it saves them so much money they just don’t have the down payment and the monthly investment is a little high.

  3. Then there’s customer #3 who just doesn’t care about protecting their home and biggest investment; if something breaks no big deal they can afford to buy another and saving money isn’t a priority to them. I know you all aren’t like customer are you more like customer #1 or customer #2?

Okay great so let me call my team leader and see what we can do for you.

Okay so we have new homeowner program called the Direct Marketing Program. 3 simple and FREE stipulations that will allow me to work with you on the price.
  1. Testimonial - an honest testimonial on our Facebook page, google reviews or emailed to us about your experiences with our company and once you get the system ALL the differences you’ve noticed in your skin, budget and how clean your home has stayed.

  2. Give us 24-48 hours to install your system. Everyone wants this stuff out of the home immediately and in some cases we can it just depends on our schedule for installs. So be patient with us but no more that 48 hours.

  3. A simply yes/no today

You think you can do this for me so I can help you with the price?

Okay so....(SHOW)
  1. I can waive the down payment since you’ve only been in the home for __________ (however long they said they have been in the home).

  2. I can also waive the installation today so that wont cost you anything either. The install crew will bill the company and NOT you.

  3. This takes the system down to _________

  4. The monthly payment is determined by the price as well as your credit score...where would you say your credit is....above or below 650? Okay so your payment goes ALLLL the way down to ______

***Above 650 payment factor is 1.3%***

***Below 650 payment factor could be as high as 1.75%***

Now for this _$117___.....(EXPLAIN & PITCH)

What will you be getting? (ALLLL THE BENEFITS) What did you say was going to be your favorite benefit? And you Mary? - That’s one of my favorite things about the system also, not to mention ALLLLL the other benefits.

And for how long will you be enjoying those benefits? - Yes, FOREVER since it has a lifetime warranty with our service plan.

So now are you going to have to waste $100 on all your household cleaners? (Nodding your head no)

Are you going to have to buy ALLLL that bottled water or keep replacing the fridge filters? (Nodding your head no)

And is the soft water going to damage and ruin anything in the home? (Nodding your head no)

So now where does this $184 go?

Yes, you’re right, into the system. Into something you’ll own and benefit from FOREVER.


  1. Are we eliminating all your water problems? (Nod your head while implying and saying “yes”)

  2. Do you see how it’s less than what you’re paying now for all these problems? (Nod your head while implying and saying “yes”)

  3. And do you see how its 100% affordable? (Nod your head while implying and saying “yes”)

“This is why so many smart homeowners like yourself decide to get the clean water immediately. When is a better time for install morning or afternoon?” -OR- “This is why so many smart homeowners like yourself decide to get the clean water immediately. The process is simple from here, we just fill out some information and get you set for install. Who is going to be on the application both of you or just one of you?”

  • Okay now I want you to pretend your customer believes its 100% affordable

  • You called your team leader and he didn’t answer

  • GO

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