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Empathy vs Sympathy


Sympathy is when you feel the same way your prospect feels and the easiest way to see yourself out when you are NOT prepared.

  1. “I’ll let you know, I want to check the local credit union for a better interest rate since I have really good credit...So I’ll call you on Friday”

  2. “I can’t afford it, bro I literally have like $50 in my account and need to buy me and my family groceries, so I’m sure you understand right now is just not the time for something like this”

  3. “I saved to buy all my furniture and TVs cash...I don’t finance anything cause I’m trying to build my credit”

“Okay I understand no worries, I’ll just leave you my card”

Might as well of said “I’ll go find an easier sale”

Don’t be sold, YOU are the salesman!

A sale is made on every presentation. The prospect either sells you that he can’t or won’t buy OR you sell him that he can and should buy.

Never EVER forget this!!!

If you don’t believe the customers are losers when they don’t buy, you are selling the wrong product. If you don’t feel a sense of loss for them, you are not going to be as effective and persuasive as you could be. Selling is a transference of feeling and your prospects are persuaded more by your pride and belief in your product than by any “proof” you submit regarding your product’s performance.

Empathy is when you understand how your prospect feels, though you do not feel the same way.

  1. You understand the problem

  2. You know exactly how the prospect feels


  1. Because you don’t feel the same way you can back away from the problem and offer some solutions

  2. You know how they feel and think because you’ve asked and have been problem solving the entire demo

  3. You’ve positioned yourself as a co-buyer

Move to the prospects side of the table, IDENTIFY the problem, get involved in the solution, and your closing percentage will increase!!!

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