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Framework - Price is TOO High

Great video here - watch and visualize yourself framing the discussion in the House

Create urgency by framing your pitch and handling the objections early on in the presentation

Here are MY notes on this video and what I took away from it all...

When is the best time to handle an objection?

-Before it comes up...beat your customers to it! Don’t be afraid to talk about it

When a customer tells you the price is too high what does it mean to you?

-Just remember this quote “Price is forgotten LONG after value is built”

How do you frame what you are trying to get across?

-We can do this right at the budget sheet and you smash the price is too high objection!

Ask all the right questions to frame your closing just right!

“Let me ask you how tight is your budget being that you just moved into this beautiful brand new home?

Let’s assume these SIX government agencies are SPOT on with these consumer reports...does this really fit into your budget being in this brand new home?

Did you have any idea this water was so expensive?

Is it concerning?

Will it keep you from doing more important things?

And is there any reason to not trust these SIX government agencies?

No of course not, and I know it’s concerning at the least but good news is this....I can HELP you all here TODAY...I’m going to show you a couple benefits really quick one of which demonstrates to you that I can take this $190 and with clean water can get it under $19....wouldn’t that help?

Would that save you money?

Would it save you money now in the future or BOTH?

And if there were ever a good time to save money wouldn’t it be now?

And that’s why so many new home owners in your SAME shoes decide to get to clean water immediately....because the savings happen immediately.

Now check this out....”

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