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Front Talk/Rapport - 80% Sale

Rapport 101

Zig Ziglar

RAPPORT (10-15mins)

  • This is all about trust! If your customer(s) don’t trust you they will NOT buy from you

  • “The fear of loss is always greater than the hope of gain”

  • 1st thing you do when you’re in the house is take control. This is your show so set the tone and control it or you’re going to get kicked out

  • Limit what they are saying by asking questions and keeping the conversation going


  1. Family - How many people live in the home? Any kids?

  2. Occupation - What brings you all out How’s business?

  3. Recreation - What do you all do for fun?

  4. Myself - A few positive things about yourself

Names, Names, Names

  • People love to hear their names - repeat as much as possible

  • Your customer must know your name too or they wont buy from you. Talk about yourself in the 3rd person if you absolutely need to

  • NEVER, EVER forget your customers name(s)

Active Listening

Don’t try too hard to build rapport. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just shut up and listen, always try to listen more than you talk.

Show you are truly listening to your customers by:

  • Maintaining eye contact and nodding your head occasionally

  • Not interrupting

  • Giving them your whole attention and minimising distractions

  • Making affirmative noises: ‘uh-huh’ ‘yeah’

  • Paraphrasing

  • Asking insightful follow-up questions

1/2. Front Talk/Rapport – 80% Sale

“WOW, you all have a beautiful home! Did you all just move in? Okay, where did you move from? (Find anything to relate to...Big TV, Sports, Art, Pets...ANYTHING) “FORM” Family – Just you, a spouse, kids? Occupation – Work bring you out here? How’s business? Recreation –What do you all do for fun? Myself – Anything about yourself – Only positive things Okay so how many people live in the home? How many bathrooms do you all have? (take note) Awesome, now let me ask you...have you all noticed anything different about the water out here? Or has anyone told you about the quality of the water? (Let them answer)”


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