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Demo “Script”

“Just like your skin and clothes, raw water creates a film on everything it touches. For example, have you ever noticed spots and streaks on your glasses or silverware? Well it's not your fault, it's not even the fault of your dishwasher. Bob, Mary, you can’t get anything cleaner than the water you clean with. Just makes sense doesn’t it?

Do you use a rinse aid/jet dry? They work by chemically coating everything it touches. It states on the bottle not to consume but when we drink from the glass we ARE consuming the harmful chemicals. We can have spotless dishes without the chemicals, all we need to do is clean the water. One way to test glasses for cleanliness is to wet them. (Run raw tap water over both glasses). When I hold them up to the light, see how they spot and streak? The water will eventually evaporate, but the soap and impurities are left behind, just like on your hand. I’m going to wash this glass for you, but I’m going to do something you wouldn’t do. First, I’m going to use cold water, because with clean refined water, temperature does not affect cleaning power. The reason you have to use hot water is because you’re trying to clean through all this junk (Hold up raw precip) and many of the chemicals need heat to activate. In fact, only 12% of TIDE is actual soap and the rest are the chemicals used to fight this junk (Point to raw precip jar). Now, I’m going to use this bar soap. Would you ever use this to clean the dishes? Why not? Bar soap is probably the worst soap you could ever use on your dishes because you’d have soap scum all over your glass, right? (Get response)

(while washing glass) You must realize, your choice, as homeowners, is not should I or shouldn’t I treat my water. Our water has to be treated. Your choice is whether you treat it chemically- after the problem enters the home, which is expensive and requires a lot of chemicals to be stored in the home. Or mechanically which prevents the problem water from entering your home and creates a chemical-free household and environment. Bob and Mary, we can run the same raw water that is coming into your home with all of its raw water problems, through our miniature, removing the foreign substances and man-made pollutants, and look, it comes out sparkling clean. “NOW” you can clean with your clean water and some simple, natural soap. (Hold glass up to the light and look AMAZED)

LOOK AT THAT! It makes an ordinary glass look like a fine piece of crystal. (“ping” the glass). This glass is so clean that the water refuses to cling to it. It just runs off in sheets (turn glass over and show). Now maybe it's not important that I come into your home and take the spots off your glasses, but we do this test to show you that from now on, spots and streaks are gone from everything you clean! You won't have to get down on your hands and knees to clean the bathtub ring. You won't have to stick your hand(make a nasty face and stick your hand into an imaginary toilet bowl) into a toilet bowl and scrub that ring in there, or climb the walls of the shower, scrubbing this stuff away. (Hold up raw precip jar). If this stuff is no longer coming into your home, it can’t cause these problems in your home, can it? With the Jason’s or Brita system, you can have everything this clean with just a simple swipe. Wouldn’t that be nice? Changing the water changes everything!!!!

Although it’s not all that important that I come in here and clean your glasses and dishes, it IS nice to know that the clean water will save you tons of time and money in terms of keeping your home clean. Now I want to ask you a question that’s a little more serious... Do you clean and or wipe down your kitchen sink daily? How come? If you didn’t, how would it look? What if you didn’t clean it, let’s say for a whole week, how would it look? How about for a month? A year? We clean this because we can see it...but what about the stuff we can’t see? Like the inside of the water heater? (Don’t wait for an answer) The heating elements that get corroded and ruin the water heater? Third world problems? Not if you can’t afford to buy a water heater overnight. These are for real problems. Hard water ruins and voids warranties on everything it touches. The inside of the washing machine, the dishwasher, the fridge...all your “HE” appliances. How expensive are these appliances we are talking about? (Let them answer). The kitchen sink, faucet heads, spigots, and glass shower doors are so inexpensive compared to these household appliances that ARE a necessity and extremely expensive. So how do we protect them? We can’t clean them daily like the kitchen sink or the inexpensive appliances we can see...BUT...maybe run clean water through them? Wouldn’t that help? (Make them answer) Wouldn’t it? Imagine never getting an oil would your car run? What’s more expensive, your home or your car? Maybe it’s time we start taking care of our home the way we do our vehicles. Don’t you agree? After all isn’t your home one of your biggest investments? Only makes sense, right?”

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