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Demo “Script”

“This test will show you its not the type of soap that affects our skin, it’s the type of water we use. What kind of soap do you use? Have you ever used a natural bar soap like Ivory? Do you like it? Why or why not? You know, most of parents and grandparents grew up using ivory, which is almost 100% pure soap and it’s the least expensive. As the water quality has deteriorated, less and less people use it and they usually give me two reasons. One, they say it leaves a film or its hard to rinse off. Or two, that it drives the skin or even leaves a rash. But actually Bob and Mary, with clean refined water, natural soap is better for your skin and this is what this next test is going to show you. What I have here is a natural bar soap like ivory. Go ahead and smell it. Does it smell familiar? Bob, come on over to the sink (hand him soap). Once I get the water going I want you to get a good lather on the front and back of your hands. Once you have a nice lather, go ahead and put the soap down and separate your hands like a surgeon (demonstrate how). The first thing you notice with good water is how easy this simple soap lathers up. Now we're gonna rinse your left hand with the refined water. Flip your hand over and as I’m rinsing go ahead and pull your fingers across the palm (demonstrate with your own hand). Do you feel how soft and smooth it feels? Some people say it feels if there were still soap on their hands. That’s not soap, that’s your skin's natural oils, which is very healthy. You see we’ve removed the foreign substances from the water that were clogging the pores of your skin. So now your own natural oils can flow and condition your skin the way they’re supposed to (pat dry their hand, do not rub). In fact, smell your left hand. It will smell very faintly, if at all, of ivory. Lets rinse your right hand with this stuff (hold up visual). Pull your fingers across your palm. Can you feel a difference? That’s the tight rubbery feeling you’re used to when you’re in the shower isn’t it? What’s happening here is your pores are clogged with all this (hold up precip) which actually created a scum ring on your hand. You probably have that squeaky clean feeling? So did we get the soap off? (pat dry) Ok, now smell the back of that hand, it'll smell strongly of ivory. Basically we’ve created a bathring all over your right hand. The hard water has trapped the soap in your pores preventing your bodies natural oils from conditioning your skin. So now matter how long we stand in the shower, our body will never rinse clean as long as we're using this stuff. Not a good feeling is it? Alright Mary, step up to the plate because I think Bob would agree that you have to feel the difference for yourself. (Repeat test for Mary). What kind of lotion do you use? If you keep your hands apart your left hand will feel like if you just put lotion on it and your right hand will feel like if you just did the dishes. In fact, if you keeps your hands apart, you can actually see a difference in as little as 5 minutes. I’m going to prove to you that you still have soap in your right hand. (Hold up both pinkies). Hold up your pinkies. Taste your left pinky, what’s it taste like? (Answer for them) Pinky? Taste your right pinky, what’s it taste like? (Answer for them) Soap? (Always taste the conditioned pinky first) So which hand is covered in soap scum? Which is truly clean? So tomorrow when you shower, which would you prefer—the hard water or the refined water? Why?

HAIR Mary, when you step into the shower to wash your hair, what do you do first? Mary’s response: I wet my hair. With this? (refer to tap water sample) What do you next? Mary’s response: Shampoo. You get a handful of shampoo, try to get a lather, maybe use more shampoo. We have already discovered that anytime you mix soap with the impurities in your water you end up with a soap residue. What do you do next? Mary’s response: Rinse. So you put all this back into your hair? The soap that is in the conditioner mixes with these impurities and you end up with a soap residue in your hair don’t you Mary? Would you rather use excessive amounts of expensive shampoos and conditioners or our water systems?”

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