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Hardness/Portable Miniature

Demo “Script”

Study the script and then submit your recording of you presenting the information. WORD for WORD. Do your best to not add anything extra nor leave anything out. You will be graded accordingly.

“I know that your time is very valuable, so I’ll take as little of it as possible. I know that you’ll appreciate it if I tell you from the very beginning exactly what we’re going to do here tonight. So, the first thing we’ll do is determine the quality of your water using standards developed by the Water Quality Association. Then we’ll do some comparisons on your water (motion towards sink) so you can see how certain impurities can affect your home, your family and even your budget. Then we’ll talk about how the water got in the shape it’s in, and I’ll tell you a little about El Paso Water Softeners. We’re going to have a lot of fun and all that I ask is that you both watch and participate throughout the entire test. After we complete the tests, if we find any problems I will be happy to offer a solution. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t offer you a solution to any problem we may find so please just don’t tell me you’ll need to think about it cause that only tells me I failed at my job and I know you don’t want me to do it all over again (laugh). If it’s not for you no worries, I’ll be on my way and I’ll leave you with some information. Is that fair enough? (Emphasize this sentence and watch their tension ease.) Great! For these tests, we will be using two types of water: Your raw tap water and our conditioned water, which is provided by my miniature filter. This is a miniature version of our whole home conditioner. The black beads are carbon. They remove smells, tastes, and odors and many of the chemicals in your water, such as chlorine. The carbon protects these light colored beads below protecting it from the harmful effects of chlorine, ensuring its’ lifetime warranty so it never needs to be replaced. These light colored beads are a sophisticated form of ion exchange resin. When the water passes through this bed of beads, the beads will attract certain impurities similar to the way a magnet will attract metal. This allows the water to pass on through, free of these impurities.”

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