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Major Key

“ what?”

Imagine your customer looks at you after each test and says “So What”

For each part I defined what I feel is the major point of that particular piece of the demo and the more important questions from each part. NOT all the questions but the ones that absolutely should never ever be left out.

  1. Hardness

  2. Precip(Visual)

  3. Company Credibility

  4. Budget

  5. Handwash

  6. Glasswash

  7. Cost Comparison

  8. Value & Affordability

1. Hardness - To prove to the customer that he/she has a water problem

  • How hard do you think your water is?

  • Is this 20 grain hard water acceptable for your brand new home and precious family?

2. Precip/Visual - To show what 20 grains actually looks like and to get the customer to commit through a STRONG commitment question.

3. Company Cred/Chlorine Test - To build trust with our company, product, and customer service AND to show how it’s more than just drinking clean water; that we absorb the chemicals through our pores (skin) on our whole body

4. Budget - To show how hard water is a bill within itself and will be paid FOREVER.

5. Handwash - To create excitement and demonstrate how its not the soap but the water that creates healthier skin. How you can use less expensive soaps and lotions and still get superior results creating healthier, younger looking skin.

6. Glasswash - To show how much cleaner everything can be with cleaner water and inform how it can protect also the major/expensive appliances.

7. Cost Comparison - to demonstrate the premise of our whole presentation...that the solution costs zero! Clearly shows how you will save at least 90% on all soap costs FOREVER and on every single product in the home.

8. Value & affordability - To show how it’s more than 100% affordable and the smart decision for their financial future. Basically you can’t afford to keep the hard water!

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