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Objection - Impulse

Listen to Understand


“Look I love it, the presentation is amazing and we are going to get it...I’m just not the kind of person who buys off impulse...I want to sleep on it but will call you in the morning...leave us your info and I’ll call you first thing in the morning.”

First things first...did you clearly understand what your customer is telling you? Do you listen to understand or to respond? I’m hoping it is to understand. So I would start with a few questions....

1. Have you bought off impulse before?

2. What did you buy?

3. How did you regret it?

4. Why did you buy it...cause it was fun and or exciting? (Instigating an emotional purchase - trust me this is the back door close)

Listen carefully as they respond so you can UNDERSTAND

Show you understood

Next step is to re-state the objection word for word. You can only do this if you are truly listening.

So you say

“Thank you for your honesty...just to be sure I love the system and what it does and you definitely want to get clean water. You’re just not the kind of person who buys off of impulse. All you want to do is sleep on it and you’ll call me in the morning...right?”

Your customer will feel at ease and reply with a simple yes and/or repeat themselves about definitely calling you in the morning asking for your business card.


Now its time to attatch a positive buying question to the objection.

***Remember to break it down to affordability, that’s the one thing we can work with***

“So Bob and Mary, you definitely want the clean water, you just want to sleep on it to be sure you’re making a good decision and not buying something off impulse right?”

- Customer “YES”

“So if there was a way I could get you the clean water and it didn’t effect your budget AND you didn’t feel like you got it off of impulse you’d definitely want to get the clean water today right?”

- Customer “YES, exactly”

Time to incorporate the answers from the 3 questions from the 1st step when we were investigating their past impulse decisions/buys. Using their words to help you set the table for closing!

1. Have you bought off impulse before?

“Yes I have...worst decision ever! Never again!”

2. What did you buy?

“I bought an ATV once that we only used 3-4 times”

3. How did you regret it?

“It costs me tons of money in finance fees for something we never even used and I’m still paying for it”

4. Why did you buy it...cause it was fun and or exciting? (Instigating an emotional purchase - trust me this is the back door close)

“Well yeah at the time I thought it would be fun and a few friends of mine have one as well and their kids loved it”

Time to eat!!!

So now steps 1-4 in handling objections are done! Great work, your customer feels at its time to go in for the “kill” and get that sale!

Time for “Feel, Felt, Found”

When using feel, felt, found you will be going with the grain as opposed to against the grain when handling your customers objection(s). You’re acting as a “co-buyer”

“I definitely, 100% understand how you FEEL and where you are coming from. I can see how people like you, smart homeowners, don’t buy off impulse....especially (INSERT REASONING BEHIND QUESTION #3) with purchases like ATVs and other impulse buys that were purchased cause it was cool at the time and seemed fun and everyone else was doing it...all while just costing you tons of money for something you never really even ended up using and or getting your money worth” (See how we attached an emotion to the impulse part of it - how it was fun and cool - later we agree that buying clean water isn’t fun and cool but responsible and a necessity not luxury)

***Now lets put their concern into a group of other smart, good credit buyers***

“90% of all our customers FELT the same exact way you do when we first introduced the idea of getting clean water...”

“What they FOUND was that, yes, those impulse buys like you explained with the ATV purchase didn’t contribute to their financial future and DID absolutely hurt them financially...and how that same impulse decision impacted them the same way you NOT getting clean water today would.”

***You are emotionally attaching that original impulse buy to NOT getting clean water...this is a major major key***

“When they saw how truly impactful this issue could be within their brand new home, their families well being, and especially their budget...they FOUND it was not only more than affordable but the magnitude that lied in NOT making this decision immediately. It was not whether or not they could afford the clean water but rather could you and/or can you afford to waste over $50,000 on this water (hold up dirty precip). So can you afford this? (Write the total dollar amount of the hard water for 20/30 years on dirty precip jar for them to see - ticket price for their hard water) Of course not and the impact has already begun...but it doesn’t have to be like this...

Have you ever looked at the definition of ‘Impulse’?

im·pulse /ˈimˌpəls/ noun

1. a propensity or natural tendency usually other than rational

2. a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act

With that being said....what’s rational in your situation? Honestly...”

***Let them think and let it sink in***

***Remember the fear of loss is always greater than the hope of gain! They are still thinking of what the negative outcome could be if they say “yes”. You can’t make a good deal with a bad guy. “Your product or service has to have OVERWHELMING advantages in order for you to successfully sell with a shortage of integrity.” That’s from Zig Ziglar himself. Meaning have integrity and display our company’s morals and you are golden cause our product already has ALL those advantages***

“Brita is the worlds most trusted name in water filtration. There simply isn’t a better nor more trusted company out there. The Research & Development Department with companies like Brita are in the millions of dollars annually for your sake as the homeowner and consumer. Comprehensive background checks, financial obligations, and legal contracts are done and drawn up to protect you from the dealers they allow to distribute there products. This protects the brand name and insures you that the dealers are responsible for taking care of you as the consumer. For the same reasons they trusted our company to represent them you should trust us to provide you, your home and most importantly your family with a lifetime of clean we agreed on, this isn’t impulse, it just isn’t FUN and exciting BUT its the right thing to do considering your situation and what’s at stake if you don’t get clean water” (Quiet and let them think and let that art of seduction/persuasion sink in)

As soon as you see them nodding in agreeance...Hand out...congratulate...pull out paperwork and write it up!

What do you think? Can you repeat this in closing? Think it would work? Ever tried saying this? Have you practiced this on your own yet? Give me your thoughts

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