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Objections - Let Me Think About It “Gold Fish”


  • Within 24 hours your customers will forget 75% of what you said

  • Within 30 days they will forget 90% of what you said

  • Of that 10% they will remember only 50% of it is correct

  • That’s only 5% that will be remember!!!

  • Are those really the chances you want to take?

“So tomorrow would you like me to do another demo for you? Or in another week or even 30 days? The reason I ask is because the best time to make a decision is when ALL the information is front of us because of the facts and they are this...within 24 hours you will forget 75% of what I said here today, within 30 days you will forget 90% of what I said, of that 10% only half of it will be correct....that’s a whopping 5% that you will remember. Are those really the percentages you want to go off when making a decision this important to your financial future?”

When your customer says this to you, where do you think you went wrong in your demo? How can you fix it?

“Let me think about it” - customer


“Okay Bob and Mary when my customers tell me they want to think about it, it means 1 of 2 things...either they really don’t care and not interested or interested but just not sure?”

You are forcing them to choose one of two options! It’s strong and forces more thought.

More times than not your customers will say

“I’m interested but not sure”

If they say they really don’t care and not interested its time to call your team lead (Phone Close) Still be super positive

But if they are interested but not sure you say

“Okay great, when my customers are interested but not sure...they aren’t sure for 1 of 3 reasons...

  1. It’s not a good fit and doesn’t meet your needs meaning you have clean water, or -

  2. The systems functionality isn’t right and doesn’t seem like it will fix your hard water problems, or-

  3. If its not the fit or function it must be the budget/finance end of things...right?

**People are always going to be embarrassed about not having the down or enough money for their monthly payment**

​You have now broken it back down to your your team leader with phone close and lets write it up.

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