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Objections - The “Testimonial” Close

We sell quality products that have durability and leading edge performance complimented by world class service. We can explain this to our customers ALL day long until we are blue in the face...BUT testimonials carry weight and credibility more than anything we can say as salespeople.

These endorsements usually compliment the salesmans extra effort, his/her attitude, how happy they are with the product, how pleased they are with the company’s handling of installation and service etc etc. They highlight what we practice over and over and over again and it’s why we are the best. People believe more of what they see than what they hear us saying. They feel like we are at least partly biased and will more times than not feel like a truly happy customer is just plain ol’ honest.

“Bob and Mary, since there seems to be a little bit if hesitance on your part to go ahead and get the clean water tonight from my company, let me ask you a question (turn to the back of your binder where the testimonials start and set the binder right in front of them both) Some of the names and testimonials in here are some of your neighbors, probably one of your friends or someone you may know who got the clean water from my company...why don’t you see if you know any of them? (Let them start flipping through the testimonials or direct them to one that has an issue they are dealing with) Bob and Mary, do you really think ALL of those people made a mistake by investing in our system to get their home and family clean water immediately?”

Prospect: “Probably not”

“Of course not Bob and was the best decisions they made as I’m sure you read a number of times...I’d be happy to even call one of them for you”

Have a “go to” call...maybe a $20 gas card for someone who would be willing to take a call from you if you ever needed an over the phone testimonial. You’d have to let your customer know beforehand but could work great.

You could even have them reading reviews while you call to phone close. Keep them occupied reading positive thoughts while you call for promotions or to get your team leader in the house.

Just another tool we can use! Very very powerful one if used correctly. Add it to your bag to increase your closings.

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