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Demo “Script”

“How’s it going Riley? I’m sorry to bother you I know you are busy but I’m calling for a HUGE favor. I made some new friends out here, Bob and Mary and their beautiful family. They are brand new homeowners out here in Horizon. They have been really nice to me, they let me in their home to show them the quality of the water and the benefits of our system. Their water is currently sitting at 20 grains hard and its costing them $180 every month to just treat the water. They understand its not their fault and I explained to them how our system could save them all that money. So the reason why I'm calling you, Riley, is because I know if we could make the system 100% affordable they would love to get clean water TODAY. So please Riley, Im asking you to help us out here. Is there anything we can do with promotions or even the down payment to help Bob and Mary save all that money and get clean water for their family and brand new home?”d

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