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Team Leaders

Phone Close Questions

Be sure your guys are repeating these questions word for word. This is critical!

  1. How long have they been in the home?

  2. If all works out, which I’m confident it will, what is going to be their favorite benefit once they get the system?

    1. “which I’m confident it will” - MUST be said

  1. How much are they currently wasting on the hard water?

  2. On a scale of 1-10 how important do they see getting clean water TODAY?

    1. Whatever the number, is its short of 10, ask them what it would take to make it a 10?

  1. Okay great, now ask them if we can make it 100% affordable and help them out with the price if they can leave us a review on our facebook page or google reviews AND give us some referrals so we can help more families...

***By this point you are headed to their house to get yourself in and help with handling objections and closing***

***If you are already in a house closing or can not get to your sales guy, have them begin to present the “DMP”.

***Under no circumstances allow them to present the “DMP” and show ALL the promotions without calling you back if the customers is still saying no. They have to at least call you twice during this attempt to close before its okay for them to see themselves out. Do your best to get to their house so you can take a crack at it, especially when the customer is saying no. Even pull up and get yourself in if you have to***

If your team leader doesn’t answer when you call for a phone close what do you do next? AND how many times must you call before you can leave the house?

This is so important to give your customers the “ammo” they need to defend the naySayers and the negative, close-minded people who will say our quality products and world class customer service are too expensive. Always remember good things aren’t cheap and cheap things are NEVER good. This will keep cancelations down and sales high!

“Before I leave I always like to ask my customers a few questions out of curiosity....”

  1. Why did you decide to invest in clean water today/tonight?

  2. Out of all the reasons you love the system, what was your absolute favorite benefit?

  3. What EXACTLY do you feel like you’re investing in today/tonight?

    1. “I want you to understand that you are not getting a ‘Water softener’ you’re getting a WHOLE HOME FILTRATION SYSTEM with an drinking water at your kitchen sink...and its guaranteed for LIFE!”

  1. And at the end of the day how much is it really costing you to get the clean water tonight?

    1. “Exactly nothing”

***Listen and agree...and make sure the answers are correct in terms of the last two questions...if not emphasize what you meant and clarify what you want them to be left with***

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