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Visual “Precipitation” Test

Demo “Script”

“For this visual test we’ll again use one sample of raw water and one of the refined water.

(Fill jars to 50%, one from tap, and one from the miniature. Be sure to do so in plain sight of the customer and make sure to keep them EXACTLY even.)

We’re going to use two solutions again. The first solution is a dye. We will add color to the water so we can see the impurities. The second solution is a buffer, this one coats and enlarges up to 3 times any hardness impurities and causes them to separate. We’re going to add 15 drops to each. (Put 15 drops of precip 1 & 2 in each jar. Cap them and shake them well.)

(While Shaking) Now if you haven’t had a water test done before you’ve probably never seen anything like this but I’m sure you’ve seen many forms of this around the house. For example Mary, when you boil a pot of water have you ever noticed that white crusty stuff on the side of the pot? Or Bob, when you wash the car and don’t dry it with a towel what happens to the car? Right. People call them “water spots,” but they’re anything but water. The water evaporates leaving the impurities behind; which is what you see.

As we do these tests here I think you two will be surprised by how many everyday problems are caused by poor water quality. Remember, pure water has NO foreign substances at all! So when your water looks, smells, or tastes funny, what you are seeing, smelling, and tasting is always from foreign substances. I’m sure you can think of other examples, but we’ve created a side-by-side comparison here.

First, let’s look at the refined water (Hand it to her and have her pass it to him). Except for the amber color from the dye it’s completely clear isn’t it? That’s because we’ve removed the impurities by running it through the miniature. Now let’s take a look at the raw water. WOOOOOWWWWW! There is DEFINITELY something going on here isn’t there? Look at all those impurities! The worst part about this test is that it’s not finished. It takes a bit for those to settle so we’ll set them aside for a few minutes, but before I do let me ask you a question...( Commitment Question – VERY VERY IMPORTANT)

If you had a choice of providing you, your home, and your family with an endless amount of clean, refined water...or this stuff (hold up dirty water)... which one would you choose? (let them answer) Why is that? So if I could show you a way to get clean water TODAY without it affecting your budget, would there be any reason why you wouldn’t want to get clean water TODAY? (Get their commitment)

Okay great, now I want to talk to you a little bit about the company I represent and some variables you want to consider when deciding to get clean water for your home and family.”

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