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Demo “Script”

Selling is the easiest job in the world IF you work it hard - but the hardest job in the world if you try and work it easy”

- Frank Bettger

Introduction Welcome to El Paso Water Softeners. This script has been proven to sell. If you learn it the way it is written, you will sell!

Ethics We recommend that you read and become familiar with the WQA (Water Quality Association) Code of Ethics found in the appendix section of your presentation book. Our reputation is built on honorable and responsible relationships with our customers; our ethics will not be compromised for any reason.

It is important that you never use scare tactics, misrepresentation, high pressure or any other devious means when representing our company and our equipment. The following presentation combines the best of emotion and logic, and does not require questionable elements to appeal to our customers or to sell.

Study Habits

To learn this script quickly and efficiently, it is imperative to develop these study habits.

1. Spend at least four hours a day studying this material.

2. To study, create a quiet, peaceful environment with good light.

3. Outline each section to aid your recall and speed up the learning process.

4. Record your delivery and listen to it while driving.

5. Practice, but not on potential customers. Wait until you are proficient before you deliver the presentation to a potential customer.

The only secrets in this business are to learn the script, expect the sale, and see the people!

Welcome to El Paso Water Softeners. HAPPY SELLING!!!

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