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(DFS Technology - Whole House System - Customizable)

The SuperV Whole-House air cleaner uses our DFS technology to circulate fresh, contaminate-free air throughout the entire home.


The industry-leading system provides greater than MERV 16 filtration efficiency with the pressure drop of a MERV 8 filter. It is installed outside of the furnace’s blower, resulting in low pressure drop, and higher energy savings.


This unit can be installed in both home and business locations.

SuperV House Air Filter
LWG_BP_Softener&NRV (1) (1).png

Brita PRO
Twin Tank 

  • Reduces chlorine levels along with other offensive tastes and odors in your entire household water supply

  • Our most advanced programmable valve head

  • Customized to your individual needs, including household size and plumbing

  • Intuitive profile – learns softening capacity based on usage profile

  • Keeps residue from impurities off your family’s clothes, bed linens and dishes

  • Eliminates impurities in the steam and water in showers and baths

  • Provides high-capacity flow for reliable access to high-quality water

  • Customized to your individual needs, including household size and plumbing

  • Designed for easy installation, use and maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly with landfill-safe certified filtration media


Features and Benefits:

  • With Phyn Plus’ built-in shutoff valve, you can remotely turn off the water, and Phyn Plus can turn your water off automatically in the event of a leak.

  • Turn off water at the main, run Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature and in minutes you can detect a range of hidden flaws like poor seals and pinhole leaks in your water system.

  • The Phyn app lets you shut off your water from anywhere, giving you the peace of mind that if there’s a leak when you’re away from home, you can now stop it.

  • SMS or push notifications from the free Phyn app alert you at the first sign of a possible issue and can connect you to a plumber in minutes.

Phyn Plus Water Pressure
Reverse Osmosis Tank Water Softener


  • Combines micron/carbon/membrane filtration with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology for taste and quality

  • Removes impurities while improving the taste, color and smell of your drinking and cooking water

  • Goes beyond water — improves the taste of food cooked in water

  • Helps your family, helps the earth — encourages your family to drink more water while reducing consumption and the environmental damage of bottled water!

  • Certified for lead, barium, nitrate, copper, fluoride ions and other contaminants to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 by NSF

  • A variety of faucet designs and finishes are available to complement your kitchen décor

  • Brita PRO BPLRO-35


Features and Benefits:

No additional faucet required

Built-in water shut-off allows for easier cartridge changes

Commercial grade metal canister protects the filter system from splitting or bursting

Reduces particles as small as 0.5 micron in size by mechanical means

Helps prevent lime and scale build-up in water-using appliances

Retains vital minerals found naturally in water to ensure the health and delicious taste of your water

Ideal for anywhere in your home, especially your bathroom sink

Pentair Everpure EF1500
Healthway Deluxe air purifier El Paso


The HealthWay® Deluxe is a portable, easy to maintain, efficient air purification unit. Each and every unit that leaves our facilities is independently tested to meet and exceed the HEPA industry standard (99.97% at .3 micron). Our Deluxe model comes with a heavy-duty commercial-grade gas and odor filter which eliminates most gases and the patented DFS technology can remove harmful viruses, mold, and bacteria, leaving nothing but fresh, pure, healthy air in your space. 

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